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GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil

GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil

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GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil

GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil

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Some of our satisfied customer shared their experience using the GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil

"I'm a teacher and being able to hear clearly is crucial in my line of work. The constant ringing in my ears was making it difficult for me to concentrate and was affecting my job performance. My co-teacher said I am experiencing earwax blockage, which I am positive too because after our swimming outing, I experienced this right away. After just a few days of using GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil, I noticed a significant improvement in my ears. This oil really helped dissolve those earwax buildups in my ears. I can now concentrate on my work and my students without the constant distraction of an ear problem." - Isabel Tucker

"My ear was completely clogged with wax, and I couldn't hear anything on that side. GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil was recommended to me by a friend. I followed the package instructions carefully, and it took a few days, but on day four or five, a TON of wax chunks washed out of my ear, and I could hear again! I'm glad I didn't have to go to the doctor to get this done. I'll definitely have this on hand for future reference." - Hayden Stephens

What is Cerumen Impaction?

Cerumen impaction, also known as earwax impaction, is a condition in which earwax builds up and becomes impacted in the ear canal. Cerumen impaction can occur when there is an overproduction of earwax, or when the ear canal is narrow, making it difficult for the earwax to escape.

What Happens If Impacted Earwax is Not Removed?

Excessive ear wax may exacerbate the symptoms of earwax impaction if left untreated. These signs might include tinnitus, hearing loss, and ear discomfort. Additionally, an accumulation of earwax may make it challenging to see within your ear, which might lead to serious problems being untreated. 

Clinically Proven

As an otorhinolaryngologist, I conducted research and developed the GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil for patients with cerumen impaction, which can cause hearing loss, discomfort, ear pain, ringing in the ears, and other problems. With the use of ear care oil drops, the oil, which contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, and organic substances, aids in softening earwax so that it may be removed with ease and ear infections avoided.

 What makes GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil Special?


GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil used to help soften and remove excess earwax, also known as cerumen, from the ear canal. This can help to prevent hearing loss, earaches, and other ear-related problems. This is formulated with safe and gentle ingredients that are unlikely to irritate the delicate skin in the ear canal.

Dissolves and Flushes Earwax Accumulation

When the GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil Earwax care oil are applied to the ear canal, they penetrate the earwax and begin to break it down. This softens the earwax, making it easier to remove through natural processes such as jaw movement or when flushing the ear canal with warm water. The oil also lubricates the ear canal, which can help to prevent irritation or injury during the removal process.

 Anti Ear Infection

Prevents bacteria's growth. The oil is known to have natural antibodies & antioxidant-rich, the herbal extracts we've used to created this liquid ear treatment help inhibit the spread of bacteria to treat & prevent ear infection. The care oil is designed to help soothe the ear and help with allergy, swelling, dryness and pain.

Safe and Gentle 

GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil are generally considered safe and gentle when used as directed. The drops are typically formulated with ingredients that are unlikely to irritate the delicate skin in the ear canal, making them suitable for most people. The oil is blend with non-GMO and high quality organic ingredients. No more worrying about side-effects or allergies, our homeopathic ear drop aid is made without any harmful chemicals making it safe for adults & children.

Effective Ingredients

GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil can contain a variety of effective ingredients that help to soften and remove earwax. Here are some of the most common ingredients found in earwax care oil drops:

  • Garlic - acts a natural antibiotic to fight infection by killing bacterai. Soothes pain & relieves ear itching
  • Mullein - have antiviral qualities, softens wax and reduce inflammation
  • Olive Oil - clogged ears and loosens wax to unclogs and cleanses ear canal
  • St. John's Wort - best herbal for earache. soothes pain and speeds up healing
  • Vitamin E - Natural antioxidant, nourishes skin in and around ear
  • Calandula - Holistically treat ear conditions such as tinnitus

What makes GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil Special?

✅ Scientifically backed formulation
✅ Provide instant pain relief
✅ Soften and flushes Earwax
✅ Penetrates and soothes target area
✅ Easy to apply and can be used at home or on the go
✅ Safe and Gentle to use

Here are some of our Happy Customers

"I lost hearing in my right ear the other day; I've had issues with impacted earwax in the past, so I assumed that was the cause. I tried this Cochlear Care Oil, putting around 7 drops in and lying on my side for 30 minutes while playing video games. After 30 minutes, I cleansed the solution with the syringe and warm water, and a large amount of debris was washed out. I flushed it a couple more times after that, but nothing came out. My hearing improved as a result. Life-saving oil." - Chester Reynolds

"This product saved my vacation. I had blockage and pressure. Muffled hearing and even mild pain. I flushed this Cochlear Care Oil on my ear and a good-sized wad of earwax came out. It was crazy to see something that big come out of my ear but I feel so much better knowing that it's not there anymore. After using this, the pain and pressure are gone." - Ray Warner

Product Usage

  1. Place 3-4 drops of warmed oil in the infected ear 
  2. Plug with cotton ball for 30 minutes. 
  3.  For best results, lay down on your side when dispensing drops in ear.

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1 x GFOUK™ Cochlear Care Oil

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