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GFOUK™ MagTech Phone & Tablet Holder

GFOUK™ MagTech Phone & Tablet Holder

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GFOUK™ MagTech Phone & Tablet Holder

GFOUK™ MagTech Phone & Tablet Holder

Regular price $27.97
Regular price $27.97 Sale price $35.97
SAVE 22% Sold out


The GFOUK™ boasts an advanced grip technology that ensures your device stays securely in place, even during dynamic work environments. Its powerful magnetic hold, combined with a non-slip surface, provides extra stability. This means you can confidently move around your workspace, knowing your phone or tablet is firmly attached. Say goodbye to interruptions caused by shifting devices, and stay focused on your tasks with the GFOUK™ MagTech Phone & Tablet Holder. 


  Unlocking Efficiency: GFOUK™ User Reviews

Efficient and Sleek - ★★★★★
"GFOUK™ is incredibly efficient! Its slim design effortlessly supports my tablet and phone, making task management a breeze." - Jordan K.

Perfect for On-the-Go - ★★★★★
"Absolutely love GFOUK™! The magnetic hold is strong and reliable. It's super thin, perfect for on-the-go use." - Mia T.

Workspace Revolutionized - ★★★★★
"GFOUK™ revolutionized my workspace. Holds my devices securely and is so sleek! It's the ultimate tool for multitasking." - Alex R.

Ultra-Thin and Secure - ★★★★★
"Incredible! GFOUK™ securely attaches to all my devices. Its ultra-thin profile is hardly noticeable but makes a huge difference." - Sara J.

Multitasking Made Easy - ★★★★★
"The GFOUK™ is a must-have! Strong magnetic hold, ultra-thin, and incredibly handy for juggling tasks with my phone and tablet." - Liam P.



Key Features: 

  • MagTech Compatible: Works seamlessly with iPhone magnetic devices (iPhone 8 and up), and all Android devices on the market. 

  • Ultra Holding Strength: The 30x N52 magnets provide a powerful grip, ensuring your device stays securely in place, even in challenging conditions. 

  • Modularity: Easily attach and detach the GFOUK™ to laptops, tablets, or monitors, thanks to the included adhesive Metal plate. 

  • Compatibility with Qi Wireless Charging: The proprietary adhesive Metal ring is fully compatible with Qi wireless charging, ensuring convenience and functionality. 

  • Stylish Design: Available in two elegant colors, Asteroid Grey and Hyperspace Black, the GFOUK™ complements the aesthetic of your devices. 



What's Included: 

  • 1 GFOUK™ MagTech Phone & Tablet Holder
  • 1 Magnetic disc
  • 1 Metal plate
  • 2 Metal discs
  • 1 Metal ring
  • 1 Plate Nano suction layer
  • 1 Disc Nano suction layer
  • 1 Plate remover

*Two GFOUK™ needed for tablet support. Magnetic rings and discs included for any non-magnetic device.

Designed with love in Switzerland 


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