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GFOUK™ TENS Hypertension Therapy Massager Sticker

GFOUK™ TENS Hypertension Therapy Massager Sticker

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GFOUK™ TENS Hypertension Therapy Massager Sticker

GFOUK™ TENS Hypertension Therapy Massager Sticker

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Here's What Our Customers Had To Say Before We Introduce Our New Product:

"I'm an obese woman who loves to eat wild. I didn't think obesity was a problem, but after a physical, my doctor detected high blood pressure. They recommended exercise but I didn't want to. Then I saw an ad for GFOUK™ TENS Hypertension Therapy Massager Sticker. After a week, I lost 3kg and after 3 months, my BP was 118/75 & I'd dropped to 15kg. It's great! I'm still using it and recommending it to my friends."- Candida Dot

“I'm almost 70 and taking medication in daily. At my follow-up, I was shocked to hear I had high BP, 192/90! Doctor said drugs can cause hypertension and kidney transplant would be needed. Exercise was advised, but I have physical limitations. My friend then recommended this massager sticker and I bought one. After using for 2 months, my BP dropped to 119/77! Electrical stimulation felt like a massage and helped me destress. Highly recommend for those predisposed to hypertension..."- James Abraham


Comprehending Hypertension

Hypertension, or high BP, is common. Risk factors include age, weight, heredity, stress, smoking & high salt diet. If the BP is higher, it may cause renal function failure, hemorrhage and die finally. Thus, controlling blood pressure is very important in life. 

Managing high blood pressure can be a challenge despite the many medications available, as these may cause side effects and require frequent monitoring. Fortunately, TENS Hypertension Therapy Massager Sticker provides a safe and natural alternative for hypertension management, aiding in relieving stress and monitoring blood pressure.

Explore a non-pharmaceutical solution to high blood pressure!

Introducing the TENS Hypertension Therapy Massager Sticker - a natural solution to manage your BP and weight. This massager sticker utilizes advanced Pulse Technology to unblock blood vessels, helping to regulate your blood pressure and promote overall health. With no side effects, it's an easy and convenient way to reduce blood pressure and water swelling.


Hypertension therapy with TENS

TENS transcutaneously stimulates nerves for therapeutic purposes. It can stimulate acupoints, delivering low-voltage electricity to the nerves. It significantly improves hypertension, increasing blood flow, diminishing pain and swelling, and inducing relaxation.

TENS is also good for weight loss

TENS therapy utilizes electrical impulses activating nerves and muscle fibers, mimicking brain signals. This results in stimulates muscle contraction and expansion, in a manner comparable to normal physical activity. 

It also builds muscle, boosting metabolism & burning fat. It helps create a calorie deficit (burning more than consumed) by cutting cals in diet, exercising & both.

Doctor Christian Dan says:

"It's excellent result for hypertension therapy and weight loss."

Dr. Christian is an experienced cardiologist and specialist with over 30 years of practice experience. He has been researching ways to combat hypertension since he was in college and well known for his expertise in various cardiac and peripheral vascular diseases. He also has studied TENS technology and found it to be effective in reducing hypertension and removing excess fat. Thus, he highly recommends the TENS Hypertension Therapy Massager Sticker.

"I've seen patients get positive results with TENS Hypertension Therapy Massager Sticker. It's a good option for people wanting to manage hypertension & weight without drugs. It's easy, non-invasive & no known side effects. With constant use, it can improve overall health & quality of life."

Intuitive Operation and Intensity Adjustment

Our device has 15 adjustable intensity levels, as well as 6 different modes, enabling you to find the program that is best suited for you. Additionally, you can adjust the intensity to your liking for an optimal solution.

15 Gears Micro-Electric Massage

What Benefits Does TENS Hypertension Therapy Massager Sticker Provide for hypertension therapy and Weight Loss?

⭐ Controls blood pressure
⭐ Eliminates water swelling
⭐ Accelerates Metabolic Rate for Optimal Fat Burning
⭐ Promotes Muscular Toning and Definition
⭐ Advanced TENS Vibration Technology
⭐ Alleviates Aches and Weariness
⭐ Customizable Massage Modes and Intensities
⭐ Compact and Convenient Design
⭐ Use it Anywhere and Anytime
⭐ Easy USB Charging or Battery Application

Witness the Success of Our Restorative Clients

"I felt stress from work every day and ate many to release my stresses. It made me fat and getting hypertension. I got 180/99 BP. I was upset and resigned the job. One day, my boyfriend gave me this massage sticker as my birthday gift. I was using it everyday as it is comfortable and makes me relaxation. After 3 months, my body shape is suddenly slimmed! I lost 30 kg! Also, my blood pressure is decreased to 120/78! I'm thrilled to be using this! Everyone's been raving about TENS, and rightly so! This TENS massage sticker has really made a difference for my obesity and leg edema. My body feels much slimmer and toned now! So grateful!" - Elspeth Gillian


"I'm busy worker and I've inactive lifestyle because I don't have time to exercise. My colleague suggested me using this massage sticker as it can improve my inactive lifestyle and boost muscle. It sounds is attractive but I was resistant to these products as I thought it is scamming. However, since my body was becoming worse and I got high blood pressure 170/99, I decided to try the TENS massage. After using around 3 months, it delivered on its promises! My body is feeling well and my BP is dropping to 115/68! Now I'm much more toned and no longer have problem areas. I'm fit and fabulous!" - Leonard Neal

Comprehensive Applications

How To Use

  • Apply the Massager to the Targeted Body Area
  • Press the power button to activate.
  • Press the program button to switch to a preferred mode.e
  • Set intensity via INC/DEC buttons.
  • Use For 10 Minutes Everyday For 7 Days Or More


  • Size: 6.5cm Diameter, 1.8cm Thickness
  • Operating Modes: Battery, USB
  • USB Charging: 1.5 Hours for Full Charge
  • 6 Massage Modes
  • 15 Intensity Settings
  • Recommended Use: 10 Mins Per Day, Continuous Use for 7 Days or More
  • Variants: 1 set, 2 sets, 4 sets
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • USB Charging Version: includes 1 set x  EMS Microcurrent Mini Massage, USB Charging Wire, Manual
  • Battery Powered Version: includes 1 set x EMS Microcurrent Mini Massage, Manual. Excludes battery.
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